In the rugged world scarred by the scars of a devastating war, a girl found herself in the middle of an extraordinary dilemma. Her name was Aurora.

  • SAD KIRA In a world where the darkness of the big city never seems to sleep and where skyscrapers touch the skies, lives a remarkable woman with jet-black hair and hypnotic brown eyes that radiate an impressive level of determination. Kira. OPEN LOOKBOOK
  • MARRY Under the blood-red sky of a sleepy Japanese town, the alleys whispered stories of an intrepid rebel named Marry. OPEN LOOKBOOK
  • KOYA In the shadows of 2076, a dystopian era, the Earth shone dimly under the scar of a brutal war. Humans had fought AI, a bitter struggle that left the world devastated and desolate. Despite a compromise won between humans and AI, the wounds still ran deep and the trail of destruction was still clearly visible. OPEN LOOKBOOK
  • DEVIL SISTER (LILITH) In a world where darkness and mystery permeate the air, Lilith was born. Even as a child, she felt an eerie presence, a constant shadowy figure that stalked her ceaselessly. OPEN LOOKBOOK
  • PRETTY SISTER (ARISU) In a land shrouded by the mists of the past lies a cursed village called Ningyō Mura, the village of dolls. It was once a place full of life and joy, but an unstoppable chain of floods had forced many inhabitants to leave their homes. Only a few remained, despite the floods and danger. OPEN LOOKBOOK