In a world where the darkness of the big city never seems to sleep and where skyscrapers touch the sky, lives a remarkable woman with jet-black hair and mesmerising brown eyes that radiate an impressive level of determination. Kira.
At a young age, Kira recognised her mother as a soulmate, while her stern father remained an impenetrable enigma. He disappeared before her 18th birthday, but she continued to feel his presence. Kira found comfort in her mother. Despite her father's physical absence, she believed that he was watching over her and protecting her. This conviction stayed with her, strengthened her resilience and shaped her view of love, loss and the invisible connections that characterise life. But the idyllic life ended abruptly when her mother was brutally murdered in front of her eyes and young Kira was left alone in the shadows of the
In the midst of the carnage, she found solace alongside a headstrong companion - Churro, a mysterious black cat who, just as lost as she was, no longer had a family. The two found solace in their shared lostness, and Churro, who instinctively thought of Kira as her mother, stayed by her side.
Over time, Churro became her informant and companion, leading her through the darkest alleys and dodgiest corners of the city, always on the lookout for her family's killers.
Driven by a deep need for vengeance, Kira worked in the dangerous world of the red light district, a dark underground full of crime and scum. Day in, day out, she ventured into this sordid abyss, braving danger and gathering irreplaceable information.

One fateful night, she came across a particularly impressive visitor in the dark, flickering neighbourhood of the red light district. A tall, bulky man whose aura brimmed with brooding danger and who was well known in the corners of the city's seedy world. A recognisable member of the Assassin organisation.
While he was engrossed in an obviously important phone call with his boss, Kira seized the opportunity. She put him into a deep sleep and used an advanced AI that mimicked his voice perfectly to learn the boss's whereabouts.
Within minutes, she had what she needed: the name and location of the man responsible for her mother's death.
A triumph, but one that also revealed a bitter truth that would turn her world upside down.
When she reached the organisation's hideout, she discovered the shocking truth: her own father was the architect of the massacre that had wiped out her family. Her world was shaken. She confronted her father, but he escaped in the heated confrontation, leaving an even deeper wound in her already broken heart.
The anger and sense of betrayal only fuelled her fire of revenge. With Churro faithfully by her side, she vowed to hunt down her father and complete her mission. Her quest for justice was not over - it had only just begun.