In the rugged world scarred by the scars of a devastating war, a girl found herself in the middle of an extraordinary dilemma. Her name was Aurora. Aurora lived in the same war-scarred era as the courageous girl Koya. Both girls shared the bleak sandbox that the world had become in 2076. But while Koya's struggle was a physical one, Aurora walked a much more complex, metaphysical path. The former balance of the world had been destroyed by the devastating war that blurred the boundaries between realities. This war left a split in the timeline that created an unusual aberration - parallel universes. They were mirrors of twilight of the same reality, existing together and yet separate. Aurora was one of the few to feel this flaw in the fabric of space and time. It began with fleeting moments of disorientation and strange déjà vu. She saw mirror images of herself, did actions she couldn't remember, felt emotions that didn't seem to be her own. Gradually, Aurora became aware of her double existence, her life that spanned two universes.

Both worlds were connected by a rarity: life. In both, Aurora's existence hung by a thread, embodied by a plant that could thrive in both worlds. The plant was a sign of life, a shining ray of hope in the darkest of time. Her little companion, the little turtle, Pebble, was a product of the AI experiment that had been conducted during the war. Equipped with Cyber Gear, she could read human emotions as well as interpret the subtlest ripples of the space-time continuum. With this ability, Pebble was able to bridge Aurora's parallel lives and help her navigate the fractured reality. However, Aurora, the time survivor, faced a heartbreaking dilemma. Every decision she made in one world affected the other. Her happiness in one universe could mean suffering in the other. Aurora found herself in the middle of a fateful dilemma, caught between two lives she loved, but also suffered from in equal measures.