Under the blood-red sky of a sleepy Japanese town, the alleys whispered stories of an intrepid rebel named Marry. Her eyes, sparkling like two jewels, emerald green and sapphire blue, were a constant expression of her defiant spirit and rebellious soul.
She was the daughter of the last modern samurai, in whose veins once flowed the blood of heroes. But Marry deliberately chose the path of riot, the path of resistance, far from the noble trail of her father.
Her father, a beacon of justice in a broken world, remained a stranger to her. Their melodies were different: his - a song of order, hers - a wild dance of rebellion.
But the song changed its tune when her father died of an incurable disease.
The man whose soul had never really touched her, left her his two samurai swords - a legacy of steel interwoven with his indomitable principles and a mysterious key.
This key, shrouded in mystery, revealed a hidden retreat of her father's, deep beneath her family estate. In the silent depths of this refuge, Marry found detailed battle plans and strategies, carefully crafted to overthrow the corrupt government.
She realised that her father, just like her, was a rebel - quiet but steadfast.

Through this discovery, Marry began to see the world through her father's eyes. She saw his struggle, his dedication and his desire to restore balance to a world awash with injustice and corruption. Her heart, once beating to the beat of rebellion, found a new rhythm, shaped by the desire to carry on her father's legacy.
By her side is Patch, her faithful companion, ready to carry on her father's battles with her, to continue his mission.
With her father's swords in her hands and the rebellious fire in her soul, she began the path of resistance against the injustices that threatened her city.
Marry the rebel, ready to face the darknesses that threatened her home. She was still the Queen of Riot, still wild and untamed, but now with a purpose, with a mission handed down from her father, the last modern samurai. She was Marry, the heiress of the last modern samurai.