In a world where darkness and mystery permeate the air, Lilith was born. Even as a child, she felt an eerie presence, a constant shadowy figure that stalked her ceaselessly. As she grew older, a second personality formed inside her - a dark, malevolent force that she could not control and began to dominate her thoughts and actions.
In her fear of this sinister part of herself, Lilith withdrew further and further until she was trapped in her own lonely world.
In the darkness of the deepest night, two golden eyes sparkled up, staring piercingly at Lilith - the eyes of the purple dragon Shurko. Shurko, bound by the bonds of golden rings, recognised the hidden power in Lilith's tormented soul and persuaded her to discover her true essence. Promising her that she could become a creature of the night, free from the shackles of her fears. Lilith agreed and began the process of overcoming herself, but the transformation came at a high price.

She became the creature of the night, free from her own fears, and at the same time she also became the shadowy figure she once feared, and found herself confronted with a new destiny.
Driven by an unfathomable obsession, possibly the echo of a demon that resounded in her mind, she had to accept her fate in this world - the same world in which Pretty Sister eked out her existence. Caught in a grim balance between darkness and light, she could not escape it and thus became the tragic heroine of her own saga.