In the shadows of 2076, a dystopian era, the Earth shone dimly under the scar of a brutal war. Humans had fought AI, a bitter struggle that left the world devastated and desolate. Despite a compromise won between humans and AI, the wounds still ran deep and the trail of destruction was still clearly visible.
While the emergency evacuations of 2071 saved the lives of many, others were left behind, lost and abandoned in the rubble of the world. They called themselves the Striders, survivors who gathered scrap metal in the devastated cities and landscapes to survive.
In the world of the Striders, Koya stood out, a fearless girl. Equipped with her cyber-gear forged from scrap, she faced the dystopian world. Her eyes shone with indomitable courage, her hands, rough from battle, held her determination.
But one day, as Koya dug through the broken remains of the world, she came across a small, forgotten creature - a young fox, trembling and alone. She named him Fynn, and in this trembling bundle of life she found more than a companion. Fynn became her light in the darkness, a source of comfort and joy that always stayed by her side.

The Strider community was close-knit, but Koya and Fynn shared a secret that only they knew.
Hidden under the guise of their daily search for food was a burning longing, a profound desire - she was on a search for her little brother.
Day after day, Koya rummaged through the rubble, each touch of the cold, dead scrap reminding her of the lost warmth of her brother. Every strange face she saw raised a desperate hope to recognise his familiar look. With Fynn by her side and her love for her brother as her eternal hope, she continued the seemingly endless search.
The darkness of the dystopian world seemed to weigh heavier on her shoulders with every breath and
her love and longing were her only weapons in the dark dystopian world.
To this day, she still pursues the one dream that threatens to tear her heart apart - the dream of reunion.